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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions


Please read our full terms and conditions for the provision of our services below.



All quotes are valid for 7 days.  During the validity period, all products/services quoted are held reserved for the Client. The Client must pay a deposit within this time period to reserve the specified installation time & equipment quoted. After the validity period has passed and the quotation has expired, the client no longer has any hold on the products and dates and the client must contact IMPACT STYLE & DESIGN to confirm if the products/services are still available. Paying a deposit after the quote has expired WILL NOT confirm the booking. The products/services can only be re-offered provided they are still available, and not allocated to other events/clients.  All quotations are valid for the specified event ONLY.  All quotations are dependent on Impact Style & Design being given appropriate access to deliver, install and dismantle its products/services on the day/times specified in the quotation. These arrangements are to be confirmed by the venue and the client with Impact Style & Design before the deposit is paid.  Impact Style & Design has the right to pass on any increases in sub-hire of equipment from its suppliers or labour costs due to last minute changes, including additional fees incurred through late night or early morning installations or dismantling or waiting due to delays outside the control of Impact Style & Design.


Booking confirmation for planning services: 

An initial deposit of $250 or 20% (whichever is higher) is required to secure our planning services for your chosen event date.  Upon initial consultation and determination of the planning services required a further payment will be required to cover preliminary planning.  Monthly instalments must then be made over the period of time up to one month before the event date when full payment is required.


Booking confirmation for styling services:

A deposit of 20% of the total price inclusive of GST is required to secure your booking.  Deposits are not transferable but will secure your chosen date and reserve the products/services for you.   If there is a change to your date or venue we will try to accommodate you but will not refund the deposit if unable to meet the changed requirements.  By paying the deposit, you agree that once paid, the deposit will not be refunded and you accept all terms and conditions.  Payment plan options are available if required.  However, the invoice must be paid in full at least 30 days prior to the event.   A confirmation invoice will be sent detailing your event and the agreed price.   In some cases a security deposit may also be required if you are hiring equipment only.  Security deposits are refunded in seven days after all equipment has been returned clean and intact.  If cleaning or repairs are required the cost will be deducted from the deposit.


Bookings with external suppliers:

When Impact Style & Design is required to make bookings on behalf of the client arrangements will be made subject to the terms and conditions of that external supplier and any deposits required to be paid must be paid by the client within the required time frame.  Impact Style & Design will not be held liable for the loss of bookings or deposits where the client has failed to make any necessary payments or adhere to any external supplier terms and conditions.



If cancellation occurs within 30 days of your intended event date, there will be no refunds of any payments made.  If cancellation occurs within 8 weeks of your event, up to 50% of the total will be forfeited.  By paying the deposit for an event, the client agrees that once paid the deposit is non-refundable.  In the case of postponed events, arrangements may be agreed for an alternative date.


Inclement weather:

In the event of weather conditions which may prevent you from holding your outdoor event at your requested site, unfortunately there will be no payments refunded as all products/services quoted have been reserved for you and cannot be otherwise used.   Impact Style & Design will do our best to cater for your revised plans and co-ordinate your event at an alternate location, arranged by you.   In this case, a minimum of 4 hours’ notice (unless otherwise discussed with us), would be required to accommodate your change of plans.


In the unfortunate event of inclement weather, the client understands the risks of choosing to hold their event in an outdoor location and will not hold Impact Style & Design responsible for anything that may not go to plan.  In the event of heavy rain or high winds, Impact Style & Design reserves the right to withdraw the use of certain décor items (eg carpet runners, market umbrellas, arches, canopies, flags or marquees etc) if it is decided that it would be detrimental to the condition of the items or if we deem it unsafe. These terms and conditions also apply to any reception décor items that cannot be set due to inclement weather.


Availability of products and services:

For some stock items we require sufficient notice for their use as we do not keep everything on hand. We recommend confirming all requirements as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Availability of products and services are only guaranteed upon receipt of your deposit, or payment if further items are requested.



All items remain the property of Impact Style & Design.  The client is responsible for all items that are used or hired.   If anything is damaged, lost or stolen during the event period, the client will forfeit their security bond deposit or will incur a surcharge.  It is agreed that upon the completion of the event, the whole or any part of the cost of replacement or repair of the equipment will be subtracted from the security deposit or charged to the client.  Once all goods are returned in the same condition, the security deposit amount will be refunded within 7 days following your event.

NB:  Chairs supplied are designed to carry a maximum capacity of 100 kgs.  Please do not use them if this is insufficient to your needs.  Impact Style & Design will not be held liable for any injuries resulting from use of our equipment in ways that are unintended.


Changes and further requirements:

Final guest numbers and any changes are to be given at least 14 days prior to the event date. If there are significant changes to the quote, we will accommodate where possible but cannot guarantee all requirements will be met.  Reductions in guest numbers and/or requirements within 14 days of event date will not be refunded.


Personalised Items:

Please discuss with your stylist if you will be supplying any personal items that you wish to be set on the day, i.e. bonbonnieres, place cards, cameras, etc.   For anything timely, you may be charged an additional fee.  This will be stated on your invoice.



A delivery, set up and collection fee is included if stated on your quote.  Should the event differ from the hours stated in the event quotation there will be an additional charge of $50 for each additional 30 minutes or part thereof.



The client is responsible for obtaining any ceremony or event permits that may be required. Impact Style & Design will not be responsible if clients do not adhere to permit regulations.


On Site Meeting Fee:

In order to ensure that the client receives the services they desire, Impact Style & Design charge an on-site meeting fee of $100.  If the client proceeds with our services this fee will be included in the total cost of services.  If the client does not proceed with our services the fee will not be refunded.   If the exact location of the event is changed or cannot be determined through written or verbal correspondence to Impact Style & Design, an additional $100.00 fee may be charged for a representative to meet on site to ensure the location is correctly identified.


Clean up:

Councils and many establishments have regulations around the use of paper confetti, rice or any other form of compact streamers.  Generally they are not permitted, so please read your permit carefully.  Although Impact Style & Design provide a pack-up and collection service we cannot be held responsible for any particles left behind.  It is up to the client to inform their guests on confetti regulations and arrange a clean-up if used.  Unless you have booked the drinks stand/beverage serving package or have made agreed arrangements with us, Impact Style & Design will not be held responsible for cleaning up empty drink bottles and cans that have been offered to your guests attending your event.



In accepting our quote, the client agrees to the possibility of images of their event being used in our marketing or advertising.  Please advise before your event if you do not wish this to happen.  All creative work by Impact Style & Design must be credited accordingly.  All publications (media, print, blog, social media) must credit us as the supplier for the concept & items hired.


Impact Style & Design and their respective affiliates, will not be liable for any injury, loss, claim, damage, or any special, exemplary, punitive, incidental or consequential damages of any kind, whether based in contract, tort or otherwise, which arises out of or is in any way connected with the use of services or equipment supplied by Impact Style & Design.  Clients accept these terms and conditions upon payment of deposit.  Credit card details are required to be given by clients upon making a booking with Impact Style & Design.   In the event that any loss of damaged or stolen goods is greater than the deposit amount, clients give permission for their credit card to be used to pay for these damages.