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Impact Style & Design are passionate about telling love stories with style and flair.
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Real Love Stories

Impact Style & Design are passionate about telling love stories with style and flair.

Once upon a time

Love Stories – Real Weddings with Impact
Everyone loves a love story. From the Greek tragedy of Orpheus and Eurydice to the lavish love of Antony and Cleopatra to the sweetest lovers of all, Romeo and Juliet we just love our love stories. One of the most exciting things about styling weddings is getting to be a part of so many wonderful love stories. Styling your wedding is about telling your unique love story. It must be full of passion, romance and your individuality as the leading characters.

The Story of Tiffany & Mani

Like many little girls I had always wished for a fairy-tale wedding and when I met my husband, it really was like a fairy-tale for me. On a late night foray to gather essential supplies at my local 7-Eleven I saw him standing by the shelves looking cute. Gathering strength and advice from my friend I decided to throw caution to the wind and offer him my number. The next thing I knew he was on my doorstep with a beautiful bunch of flowers and the cutest smile I had ever seen. We very quickly fell in love and soon began planning our wedding with a fairy-tale theme although we also wanted it to be small and intimate.


I had visions of an elegant fairy-tale style with a modern edge that would complement my beautiful princess styled gown. Elegant scroll work, chiffon drapery, crystal beads, roses and Singapore orchids were combined to create our fairy-tale journey down the aisle. We chose the Rosser Park Botanical Gardens on the Gold Coast for our wedding ceremony. The arbour looked beautiful set by the lake and although it rained a little just before the ceremony the sun came shining through just in time and made the chiffon drapery sparkle like magic.


At our reception, we used a fairy light backdrop, crystal candelabras, manzanita trees with crystals and Singapore orchids, and miniature horse and carriages carrying chocolates on the tables. This was my fairy-tale come true.

Brooke & Evan’s Story

Brooke met Evan through ‘Cars and Friends’ on the esplanade who set them up.  They dated for about a month before Evan asked Brooke if they could make it official the day before Christmas back in 2007. Since then they have built a beautiful life together with their gorgeous little boy.


Brooke fell in love with Evan’s kind, and caring ways.  “He makes me laugh like crazy, he’s a great dad, a great person, he lights up my life, he can say just one word and it makes me calm when I’m stressed, he just all round gets me.”  And, as for Evan, he just loves everything about Brooke.  So, it was natural that they would plan a beautiful wedding to celebrate their love story and when Brooke spoke to Impact Style & Design about her plans we were delighted to help her tell their story.


Brooke’s favourite colour is fuschia pink and she loves sparkly silver so we put together a very pretty style featuring fuschia with silver accents.  Soft organza sashes on white Tiffany chairs with sparkling silver buckles and romantic white roses complimented our fairytale arbour which was dressed with white and fuschia chiffon drapery and beautiful white orchids and peonies with pink roses.  The colour theme was carried through to the reception with fuschia satin sashes, fishbowl vases filled with crystal scatter beads and pink orchids, silver manzanita trees with crystal drops and our gorgeous crystal candelabras on the bridal table which sat in front of our twinkling fairy light backdrop.


Brooke and Evan were very happy with the romantic ambiance we created. Brooke said, “the journey has been so easy; no fights, no stress , it has been very carefree and organised, the last 6 months have been a breeze.”

Caroline & Jesse’s Story

Like many others, Caroline and Jesse’s romance began in the workplace when Jesse noticed Caroline’s sweet and friendly manner.  It wasn’t long before they started dating and soon became the very best of friends.  Since then, they have begun a family and have two beautiful little girls who were part of their special day.

Caroline always wanted a fairytale wedding and was thrilled to be able to have her wedding in a beautiful park setting by a lake at Palm Meadows Golf Course using our exclusive Fairytale arbour.  We dressed the arbour and chairs in shades of purple with white chiffon and beautiful roses.  The weather was absolutely perfect for their October wedding and everyone was very impressed.

Caroline and Jesse had this to say “Impact style and design did my wedding on the last weekend of October! It was amazing and so perfect!  It looked exactly how I dreamed it would look and all the colours were my favourites. They have such lovely equipment that it would look great regardless of location and their dedicated team are so helpful and friendly that is super easy to organise what you want and work it to your style. Thanks so much  for all your hard work, I know I didn’t get to say it on the day cos it was such a blur and crazy busy but it honestly looked like a fairytale and your set up made our day so much more special and memorable, so thanks again!”
Mr & Mrs Stiles 

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