Impact Style & Design | The Impact Style & Design Team
The team at Impact Style & Design have a passion to make your special day an outstanding success!
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The Impact Team

The team at Impact Style & Design have a passion to make your special day an outstanding success!

Hi, I’m Tiffany – Decorator & Stylist
What I love most about my work is having the opportunity to be creative and turn the ideas and dreams of my clients into reality. After several years of exploring various work opportunities and searching for my niche, I am so blessed to have now found it. Whilst completing my Diploma in Interior Design & Decoration I found that I was particularly interested in creating different styles for events and celebrations. I also love the feeling of being able to take something ordinary and make it special, adding special twists that reflect the individuality and style of our clients. Having completed my studies in Interior Design I decided to build on my knowledge with further study in styling and decorating for events and now I am really excited about being able to share my creativity and skills to help our clients achieve something special and memorable.

Hi, I’m Krystil – General Manager
As a qualified accountant and business advisor with a career spanning more than two decades now, I have had the opportunity to work in a number of different industries. One of the great things though is that I have been also able to travel a lot for both work and pleasure and that has given me perspective and a great appreciation for different cultures and ideas which are fun to express in our styling of weddings and events.  Art and culture are my personal passions which I have combined with practical skills on many past projects to design, renovate and build.  These are skills that I can now translate towards designing equipment and props for events.  I love being able to work with my family, we make a great team and I feel very privileged to be able to share my passion for style and creativity too.

Hi, I’m Liam – Digital Developer

Digital business can be complex. From domain management to content management suites, to productivity tools, social platforms, integrations, plugins, and various other tools – phew! – there is a lot to cover.

I mainly assist on all of the above and end up breaking things to figure out how to fix and rebuild them correctly. My background is largely marketing, business development and tech, so I’m grateful I get the chance to showcase some of this for the Impact family. Most of my time is spent travelling and consulting however, so if you notice an error, shout out and I’ll get it fixed asap.


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