Impact Style & Design | Impact Style & Design Mission and Values
Impact Style & Design are on a mission to create the best wedding and event styles in South East Queensland.
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Mission & Values

Impact Style & Design is on a mission!

Impact Style & Design is on a mission!

The Impact Mission statement


Our mission is to create a unique and special ambiance for your wedding or event that will always be remembered with excitement and joy!

Our Values are all about taking P-R-I-D-E in what we do


P is for passion – we love what we do and the way we do it.
R is for resourcefulness – we think innovatively and work smarter.
I is for integrity – we are honest, respectful and sincere.
D is for drive – we are determined to excel and provide the best service possible.
E is for expression – our work is about all about telling your special story with creativity, flair, and finesse!